Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Fergalicious GM: John Ferguson Jr.

So no game tonight...and I don't usually post on days where there are no games (mostly because I post my blog entries at work and I waste enough time as it is) but I found this video over on It's a pretty funny video comparing the similarities between Fergie from the "Black Eye Peas" and Fergie (John Ferguson Jr.) from the Toronto Maple Leafs Take a look...

If the embed doesn't work you can always go and check it out right
it's good...don't be lazy...go look at it...the guy on the left looks like Mike Myers' estranged bastard child. Before I go I just want everyone to know that I was reading the paper and got some pretty deep inside information regarding M.L.S.E. and Ferguson...if the leafs don't make the playoffs this year he's probably what a story...Toronto media will write about anything as long as it has to do with the Leafs...even if absolutely nobody cares...maybe on an off day you could write about something constructive like maybe the Marlies or the CHL...where the talent is coming from...rather than re-hashing b.s. stories that are a year old...just a thought.

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