Friday, October 5, 2007

Game 2: 0-1-1...Not Bad...For The Leafs

Well the Leafs escape the the home and home series with a loss and...well, another loss. No one will argue that the leafs didn't play well. but at the end of the day they are still 0-1-1. Toronto needed a few bounces, a few breaks on the penalty calls and 2 starts from Toskala and things could be a lot different right now. I'm not worried...we still have 80 more games and only 6 are against Ottawa.

Vesa Looked like a number one starter last night. One thing I like about Vesa is the modest yet confident attitude he carries in the media scrum. After his "Raycroft-esq" pre-season, reporters (and only reporters) were worried that maybe he was another one of Ferguson's off season fuck-ups. He was quick to reply "Don't worry I'll be fine when the season starts"...and to me...he was. Does anybody remember Belfour looking brutal in the pre-season then looking...well less brutal once the season started. Toskala will be in fine form on Saturday and with the Leafs / Habs rivalry coming to the ACC I'm sure this will be win number one for the blue and white this season.

Sundin scored? holy shit....Hallelujah...It's not that he sucked at the end of last year. He just wasn't getting any breaks. with goal number 389 under his belt (and early in the season too) he can leave that mental baggage behind and hopefully get plenty more bounces to go his way.

I'll also make my first confession of the season...I have a man-crush on Blake. This guy is the balls. Or as Pierre would say "He's a MONSTER! with DEXTERITY!"....Monsters and dexterity?...this isn't dungeons and Dragons Pierre, Get your shit together...But Blake is looking really good. He was a total pest again and had a great two-way presence in both games. On the opposite end of the scale Tucker needs either new skates, vertigo treatment or one of those little plastic chairs that 4 year-olds push around the ice when they learn to skate. Is it just me or does he look like a house league call up? He's flopping all over the ice and backchecks like Jason Allison. Tucker needs to smarten up. What a little bitch.

I truly hope Saturday is win number one for the blue and white. I also hope Toskala stays in net. Get some rest Maurice, lose those bags under your eyes...Saturdays gonna be a good one.

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