Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Game 4: Final Score: Carolina - 7 vs. Toronto - Sucks...

Let me start off by saying I didn't watch the game (Stupid regional coverage). But I did listen to it on the radio for 90% of the first period and all of the second. I did catch the highlights on "The Score" last night and it looked bad...really bad...(I'm talking about the game highlights not the stretched out video they put on air) I don't know what was worse...listening/watching the leafs lose 7-1 to the Canes or spending the rest of my evening watching "Reign Over Me"

Warning: The following paragraph talks about Marty York...reader discretion is advised...

I had an opportunity to pick up a pair of tickets for yesterdays game...I'm glad I didn't because it would have been a total waste of money...$180 for a pair of Greens...And that's face value! I was coming into work this morning on the GO and got to Marty York's words of wisdom that seem to find their way into the sports section of the metro...somewhere inside his verbal vomit of CFL news that no one cares about was an Interesting stat (not surprising, but interesting): The Leafs top the NHL with the highest average ticket price at $88.32...Holy shit! No Kidding! Has this not been the topic of discussion since like 1998? The thing that did surprise me was that Buffalo charges the second lowest at $33.56. If you've ever been to a Sabers game you know how fun it is. If I didn't live so far east of Toronto I would be making frequent trips over the boarder to see Buffalo in action. It's a great atmosphere and apparently WAY fuckin' cheaper than a Leafs game (ohh and the on-ice quality is better too....but you already knew that)

A few mile stones of note from last nights game:

1) Toronto Actually scored another power play goal
2) Sundin tied Sittler for most points as a leaf as well as earned second place on the all-time assists list
3) ....nope that's it...just two notes.

It really seemed as though the "I have Cancer" Blake delivered would have been a huge momentum builder but that was not the case last night as they looked completely flat after the first goal. Carolina beat Toronto on every 1 on 1 assignment in the corners, out skated and all round out played the leafs last night....Toskala can't be blamed for all 7 goals at all...(2 by my count) And Sundin's "we played like horseshit" kind of summed it up...I thought I saw Raycroft smirking on the bench after the 6th goal...or maybe he was just trying to repress the tears that the 8 year-old heckler behind him was causing....Rayyyyyy-craaawwwwffffft Rayyyyyy-craaawwwwffffft. Kids can be so mean...

Hopefully the Blue and White get their shit together for Thursday night when the Isles drop by...maybe Blake will score his first goal against them...maybe (and this as a long shot) the Leafs could win again...we'll see. Until next time - "Keep Fit And Have Fun!"

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