Monday, October 29, 2007

Game 12: In The Big Apple to Pimp Slap The Rangers

So during the melee that was Saturday I managed to catch 2/3 of the hockey game (Toronto vs Rangers). I watched the first period which saw a very fast paced two way game. The Leafs had New York's top guys in check for the most part and created several opportunities for themselves...but came out with nothing.

The Second period was (from what I heard) pretty impressive. I was in the car and had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Joe Bowen, which is a million times better then the retarded triple entente that is "Hockey Night in Canada" (Bob Cole, Harry Neale and Cassy Campbell) Jagr scored first for the Rangers but the Leafs came right back strong. About 3 minutes after Jaromir scored Kubina riped a shot from the point that found it's way through Lundqvist to tie it up. Pohl and Antropov also scored to put the Leafs up 3-1 after 2.
Toronto fans know all about the two goal leads that seem to disappear. But Saturday was different. I don't know just was. Maybe because Toskala was in net and continuously looking stronger every game. Maybe it was because McCabe is out with the groin injury (insert Bryan groin joke here) Or maybe it was because Tucker was out again with whatever injury he suffered when he ran into the boards like a child learning to stop on skates. What ever it was the Leafs recognized it and made sure it wouldn't happen again. They came out pretty strong and instead of letting the Rangers come to them they kept applying pressure and making sure New York never really got any chances. Kilger scored on an empty net (which was a result of good hustle and negating an icing call) and the Leafs left the big apple with 2 well deserved points...

So with a 2-0 road trip (with impressive play in both games) the leafs are now 2-2 on the road this season and 3-2-3 at home...which makes me ask Washington...Can we play at your place tonight? Toronto's looking good on the road and it might have
something to do with the hostile environment that is the ACC. But with the recent "team" play and productive efforts that have resulted in wins, the sheep in Toronto should finally welcome the blue and white with cheers instead of boo's...well the ones who follow hockey should. I can't speak for the suites that just show up with company tickets and think that Toskala could be rookie of the year...On the bright side...after tonight Toronto will be back on the road for 4...nice...

ohh Bryan, stay out for a bit...we're doing fine without you. Stralman was the only Leafs defenceman with a plus/minus in the red (-1)...Kubina, the second slowest defenceman on the team (next to McCabe) had a really...he did.

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