Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week 3 Pylon Goes To...Everyone! (Almost)

Well with the voting numbers in the hundreds (not really) I was surprised to see a 5-way tie for week 3 "pylon of the Week" so here they are as chosen by you...
McCabe, Stajan, Toskala, Gill and Kubina...which all but one (and you can guess) had me a little surprised...this group has an impressive +15 with 7 goals and 19 assists...but Take McCabe out and the line changes slightly...mostly in the +/-. +21 with 5 goals and 17 really who misses Bryan (other than Darcy Tucker)...Tucker had his PR to speak on behalf of him and she had the following to say:


Anyways, we'll see everyone in beautiful New Jersey tomorrow night...a few things to look forward to: 1) Bell's last game to serve in his suspension 2) McCabe is still out 3) Newly constructed Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey...Let's see some road wins (I'm not going to hold my breath though) And this weeks pylon voting has started so get your votes in...because unlike an American vote...these all get counted.

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