Thursday, October 4, 2007

Game 1: New Year...Same Old Song

So last night was the first game of the regular season for the leafs. And what better way to get things started then a huge media circle jerk before the game even starts.

Everyone was asking (actually everyone was fearing) Who's gonna start in net for the Leafs season opener...Drum roll please...


Why the hell did we pick up Toskala in the off season if we didn't want to make the playoffs? Paul Maurice has been giving it the old "it's his job to lose..." Hey, Fuck Face, Did you not see what he did last year? He lost this job before he even left Boston. I do agree "Razer" was the better of the two in pre-season but give me a break...everyone and their retarded kid sister knew Raycroft wouldn't stand a chance against the Sens. Put Toskala in and see if he'll lose the job. It's really a pick your poison kind of situation so far. I hope tonight Toskala gets the start. It will really put thing into prespective...on one hand it will be "wow Vesa's a lot better than that bitch-face, sarcastic prick Raycroft"....or it will be "Holy shit did Vessa ever shit the bed...With no goal tending and molasses-slow defence, here's hoping for a high draft pick"

Anyone who watched the game last night saw Raycroft let in two really soft goals in the first...He did however manage to save a little face by stopping several 2 on 1's and a breakaway or two. The defence looked really slow...McCabe was up to his old antics and very skillfully turning the puck over while Thomas Kaberle looked uncharacteristically sloppy. I was impressed with Hall Gill for the amount of ice he got and Kubina actually looked like a 3rd line well spent.

As far as forwards go I'm gonna say that Blake was impressive. Great two-way skating and was a total fuckin' pest in the offensive zone. I wont be suprised if he matches last years numbers...this guy is what we thought Darcy Tucker was going to be...Tucker's just missing a few things (like balance and skill) other than that he's on his way. Sundin looked old...that's all I'm gonna say about that. Kilger, Steen and Pohl looked good...I hope they do well this season and Matt Stajan needs to learn how to skate with his fucking head up! CAR!

The Senators looked much like they did last year when they played the leafs...fuckin' good. Danny Heatley wrapped one around Raycroft and in (lake a Ferrari around a tree) and also scored the overtime winner...Leaf fans will have nightmares about this guy for years now that he's signed a new extension with the Senators that will see him there for at least another 6 years. Lets hope they let him drive the team bus.

The Leafs are going to lose in the Nations Capital tonight (we all know that)...on the bright side, after tonight we only have to play Ottawa 6 more times this season.

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