Friday, October 19, 2007

Game 8: From Zero To...Well, Less Of A Zero...

For the first 10 minutes of last nights game (Florida and Toronto) it looked like the leafs were in for another long night. They were standing still in the defensive zone and creating little opportunity offensively. McCabe was still getting booed and the leafs looked totally dejected all round. Olesz and Booth both scored quickly for the Panthers (Olesz's was a PPG) and Florida had a 2-0 lead after 20.

To look at Paul Maurice he seems like a quiet, well-mannered guy...probably soft spoken with a little bit of a funny side...Well I'm not sure what was said in the dressing room during the first intermission but it fuckin' worked...He must have gone totally ape shit...I mean absolutely crazy. Throwing stuff, climbing, jumping, running...just all out...Hell, who knows what goes on in the dressing room...he might have gotten all the way down to his high-tops a la Christian Bale...Anyways, The leafs came out on fire and with only 24 seconds gone in the second period the Leafs capitalized on Florida's poor defensive coverage. With Blake losing his glove in the corner he took a rebound off the post and threw it in behind a sprawling Anderson. Blake's goal was from the outside hash marks of the face off circle...I mean it was a really awkward place to score from and had Anderson not been trying to get up from the previous shot it would have been an easy save...but hey, they all count and it was a much needed boost for the leafs who had hit 2 posts in the first period.

With Toronto on the board they looked to even the score with a power play opportunity...well who else would score but Bryan McCabe (or "McKlutz" as the Toronto media have so elegantly put it). In the span of about 8 seconds Toronto fans go from booing this guy every time he touches the puck to hoisting him on their shoulders and carrying him out of the arena (which wouldn't be a bad thing)...Leafs Nation are a bunch of stupid fucking sheep...or more like a retarded golden retriever. They all go from hating him with a passion and ordering him out of town to praising him and going "I knew McCabe could do it...he has the ability to turn it on whenever he wants"...Give me a break.

In the 3rd it looked as though the Leafs would be faced with another overtime but with just under 30 seconds left Antropov scored to put the leafs up 3-2...The Panthers were complaining (like Jacques Martin always does) because Ian White was trying to pick a fight with Stumpel...Stumpel not wanting anything to do with him refused to drop his gloves and the fight never developed while White skated back to the bench...Florida was pissed that there should have been a penalty called on White for dropping the gloves and because there wasn't the Leafs came back and scored. I don't know if it's because Martin used to coach the Senators or not (it is) but every time i see that fucking piece of shit humpty-dumpty I just want to grab his ears and rip them off his fuckin' head...*calm down Scott*...god damn I hate him

So after 8 games the leafs are 3-3-2...Toskala got first star (as he should have) Nathan Horton got second star (despite getting totally pwned by Hal Gill in a fight) and Antropov got 3rd...Toronto play Chicago on Saturday...should be good for two reasons...1) Original 6 is always exciting and 2) The wife is gone for the weekend so I can get shit-faced by myself, watch the game in peace and maybe watch scrambled porn afterwards...See you all Sunday morning.

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