Friday, November 9, 2007

Week 4 Pylon Goes To The Head Richard...

Or Dickhead if you didn't catch that play on words...So the votes are in and week 4 winner is Richard "Dick" Peddie the head of Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment...

Not much of a surprise that the fans would pick the guy at the top of the food chain seeing as how all the problems within the Leafs organization start from the top. Hey, where's Aki Berg?
Tonight Toronto is off to Buffalo for another kick at the Sabres McCabe and Tucker should both be in the line up and other than Colaiacovo the leafs will be at full health for the first time since two months into the post-lockout era (end of November 05) for those of you who didn't know when the lock out was...Toronto has a good chance at winning tonight (the only reason I say that is because there aren't too many teams with worse records than the Blue and White.

I wouldn't be surprised if Raycroft got the start. Toskala has been pulled twice in two games and last time Raycroft was in the Buff he played pretty well...(lost in O.T. thanks to Bryan McCabes over time heroics)
I had a little extra time at work today so I got busy with the photoshop and poked fun at the "Razor"...if you have any funny photoshop ideas let me know...Leaf fans always like rippin into over paid under performing bed-shitting sieves.

Enjoy...and I'll see you all tomorrow morning. Hopefully we'll have something to be happy about...Until then vote for week 5 pylon...(worst player from today till next Wednesday) I'm welcoming back all the injured guys so you can pick who should of stayed on the disabled list.


Ohh wait...Big 88 retired yesterday...On behalf of all leafs fans let me say...Thank god.

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