Monday, November 5, 2007

Games 14 & 15: Devils Are Boring And Montreal Are The Leafs Bitch Again...

This weekend the Leafs were down in New Jersey (Friday) and over in Montreal (Saturday) where they lost one and won one.

Down in New Jersey the Leafs had another extremely boring game against the Devils and fell short 3-2 thanks to Toronto's shoddy defence (Wozniewski) and Brodeur standing tall against the leafs. Toronto had held the Devils to only 9 shots through 2 periods and were maintaining a 1-1 tie...The 3rd period (where Leafs points disappear) was the same old song. Giving up a short handed goal to Madden (Leafs 4th of the season) and then letting Parise dig the puck out from in front of Toskala to make it 3-1...Sundin scored from behind the net to make it 3-2 with about 30 seconds left but it was too little too late...
There's a reason why the Devils have shit attendance...It's because they're so fucking boring to watch! God damn...I'd rather watch a CFL game then the Devils. They thought that a new building would be the answer to the attendance in New Jersey but just 3 games into the new building and attendance is back to where it was...just below the brutal line (14,523) The most frustrating thing about this game was that Toronto played very well. They only made 2 real mistakes and they led to the Devils first 2 goals. Brodeur was great again and although Toronto dominated the play for most of the game the came out with no points.

So from one side of the spectrum to the other...Friday night boring Devils hockey to Hockey Night In Canada Saturday night hockey in Montreal.

With the loss to the Devils still fresh they came out against the Habs looking like it was a playoff game...(I think it looked like a playoff game...I can't really remember what they look like) Kaberle scored 1 minute into the game on the power play and played a dominating 1st period and despite giving up a late goal to Komisarik the Leafs still felt good about going into the second with a 1-1 score.

In the second Higgins scored on a 2 man advantage to make it 2-1 MTL and Sundin put another one in from behind the net to tie it at 2's before the third. But this game seemed different...The leafs were not going to fuck this one up and you could just tell...they had this "we can lose to anyone but Montreal" kind of attitude and although they started to look a little sloppy they caught a huge break when Stajan's weak shot some how got past Huet with a buck-thirty left in the game.

Toronto held off the Habs and left "la belle Provence" with the win...Toronto's now 2-0 vs the Habs this season. so I guess that's one positive this year...

Toronto is off to Ottawa tomorrow night to face the Senators where they haven't had much luck since the lockout. It will be a good game. I'm guessing Gerber will get the start because they don't want to waste Emery on a tier two team. I honestly think Toronto will have a chance at winning this game...I'm gonna say the score will be 4-2 Toronto.

In closing I wanted to tell you that I saw the best Halloween costume last Wednesday. It was a kid wearing a Colorado Avalanche jersey with a bloody face and a neck brace...He was Steve Moore...I shit you not...So with that I'm going to give my top 5 Halloween costume ideas...feel free to use them next year.

In no order:

1) The Steve Moore with Avalanche jersey and neck brace with a bloody face
2) The Clint Malarchuk with a Sabres jersey covered in blood, goalie pads and a skate hanging from your neck (for dramatic effect)
3) The Hanson Brothers. Always a great costume when you and a group of buddies are going out...don't forget to tape your glasses, drink a lot and sucker punch a few douche bags
4) A tree with a Ferrari wrapped around it in homage to Heatley
5) The Raycroft...this can be executed by covering yourself in a huge steaming pile of shit....that's all you have to do.

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