Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Game 16: The Boys Are Back...And Stinkier Than Ever...

Many thought that with the return of Mark Bell and Kyle Wellwood the leafs could triumph to victory and put the amazingly hot Senators in their place at Scotiabank...Those same people were completely wrong.

I'll be honest, I don't even want to write about last nights game. Ottawa has completely dominated us for the past two years...Every time we play them we know they're going to be hard. We know they're going to be fast. We know everything about them yet when the puck drops the Leafs are stuck with the butts of their sticks shoved up each others asses like a College st. Congo line.

If there is any plus side to last night Mark Bell looked great and also took the liberty to make Chris Neil's face a lovely punching bag for the last few seconds of the game...Mark Bell will be a great addition to the doubt about it...Ohh yeah Wellwood had a forgettable performance.

What pisses me off the most is the inconsistency the have had this year. I mean if they were shit the whole time then this would be a little easier to handle but they have played a few games (and not many) this year where they looked as good as the Senators if not better. But they can't carry that type of play from night to night. I hate it...You know what? I'm done. I'll write something about the Rangers / Leafs game on Saturday
...right now I just hate the Leafs...More than Bush hates black people.

At least Toronto only has to play Ottawa 5 more times...we're almost half way there...

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