Friday, July 18, 2008

A New Season and A New Hope

So today I decided to apply to the Yardbarker Blog Network. I have not posted during the off season nor did I post in the second half of the 07-08 season while I was over in England but rumblings are happening and the season is fast approaching.

The NHL has released the 2008-09 schedule and there are a few exciting (not really) games to mention here...

We'll start with the biggies first. New Years day Chicago will host Detroit in the 2009 version of the "Outdoor Classic". I'm all about these outside games. it's really cool to see how the elements of the outdoors play a factor in the games (see shoot-out from last year) And the best part of it all is that it's going to be in Wrigley Field. Awesome. I've been to Wrigley a few times (baseball games) and it's is hands down the most beautiful stadium I have ever been in. Anyone who's got tickets for this is in for a treat.

Secondly, There will be 4 teams heading to the other side of the pond to start the season. Tampa and the Rangers will play in Prague on October 4th and 5th while The Eastern Conference Champion Penguins and The Joke of a Team from Ottawa will play on the same nights in Stockholm.

Montreal will be hosting the 2009 All-star game...Other than the possibility of an amazing opening ceremony that would be considered the NHL's equivalent of Tuesdays MLB's All-Star game (because of the possibilities of all the Hall of Famers) this will be boring...

Toronto will Open the season facing Detroit. There, now everyone that's been moaning about them never coming here can shut up. Honestly, why would you want the Leafs to play Detroit a bunch of times in a season? Did you see where they finished last year? did you see where we finished? c'mon...smarten up.

And finally...(I'm only picking my top 5 because I'm lazy) The Leafs and Habs Hall Of Fame Game on November 8th. Mats Sundin will score a hat-trick...For Montreal.

Just wait and see...

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