Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15th and I Decide To Post Again...Whatever...

So it's been the better part of 7 months since my last post. Just typing again gets me pissed off about The Leafs.

Anyways, thought I'd pass along this little e-mail that I received from Matt Stajan...(you're an idiot if you actually think Matt sent this): *click the image to read the letter*

What the hell is this bullshit? For the first time since I've been born The Leafs have been very open about the fact that they will be doing their best to re-build this year...Cliff got rid of some dead weight (Raycroft, Wellwood, Tucker...) and picked up some young potential (and I use the term "potential" lightly) But maybe this is one of those "Thank you everyone for coming...We're going to be shit this year so we're going to drop ticket prices by 5%. We'll still have the most expensive tickets in the league but now the douchebag that works on Bay St. that makes 45k a year and dresses like he's 6 figures will be able to buy some nice Platinum seats, play on his blackberry and miss the first 6 minutes of the 2nd and 3rd periods 2 times this year instead of just once"...YAY! there's more "Everyone here who took time off work today to come down here and show your on-going support for the Leafs, we thank you. And to show our thanks everyone here will get a FREE Leafs window decal and a hologram sticker. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!" then all the fat Italian men will cheer and clap and that will be it.

Part of me actually wants to go to this because it's going to be such a shit show but the better part of me knows that it's going to blow and there won't be a single woman in attendance.

...Someone let me know how this goes. Looks like another long year for the Blue and White.

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